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Mysterious Islands
Mercenary Captain Nemo His past as mysterious as the islands he has claimed to have found, and with riches beyond that of many of the Crowns of Europe, Captain Nemo has given those dissatisfied with the current state of the world a new vision: allegiance to oneself and honor to the sea.

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Captain Nemo was the designer of several submarines and the de facto figurehead of an anarchistic movement that disregarded the laws of the world's superpowers. He wishes to see the world reborn with his advanced technology and the scruples to use it ethically. He was the captain of the Nautilus, his finest submarine. His origins and fate are unknown.

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  • Captain Nemo's appearance is derived from Disney's film adaption of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a Jules Verne novel. His motivations are copied from the book.