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Crimson Coast
Pirate Crimson Angel A magnificent creature drenched in the blood of her enemies. Crimson Angel is from either heaven or hell, depending on your point of view. She attacks crowns and pirates alike, seemingly loyal to none but her own. Even then, she rewards betrayal with swift and deadly vengeance, but her word is legend on the Crimson Coast.
Crimson Coast
Pirate Crimson Angel Only Crimson Angel has touched Wraith and lived to tell the tale. While fighting off the spirit's attack, Angel sought out Wraith for a duel. Just when it seemed she would lose, she lunged forward and kissed him! Some say Wraith melted into mist from the shock.
Ocean's Edge
Pirate Crimson Angel Crimson Angel returned to piracy by beating Blackheart at his own game, wagering her own soul for those aboard the Deliverance. The newly free crew will serve her until they die honorable deaths.
Rise of the Fiends
Pirate Crimson Angel Rumors persist that the Crimson Angel lost a love to the Cursed, and for that she does all she can to destroy El Fantasma. This obsession caused a rift between her and Calico Cat that led the Angel to captain her own ship—conveniently stolen from the French in New Orleans.
Rise of the Fiends
Pirate Crimson Angel The Crimson Angel once served alongside the Calico Cat. But her obsession with the Cursed led to her taking on her own ship and a quest to find artifacts to stop them.

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Bold and self-succifient, Crimson Angel is loyal to her cabal, and hers alone. Encounters with the Cursed turned her from a pirate empress to a vengeful woman bent on destroying all that is unholy in the world. She was responsible for vanquishing Wraith's supernatural powers, took Deliverance from Blackheart, and even split with her ally—Calico Cat—in the name of destroying the Cursed.

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