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Mysterious Islands
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Mercenary Eileen Brigid O'Brien With her family imprisoned by England and their land given to the Golds, O’Brien vowed revenge on all involved. With Nemo’s technology, Irish wealth in the New World, and a crew of dedicated freedom fighters, O’Brien has taken her fight against England to the sea.
Savage Shores
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Mercenary Eileen Brigid O'Brien Her hatred of the Gold family and the England they stand for have led O’Brien to abandon Nemo’s technology for something a little more substantial from the South China Seas. She is also happy to support the French in their efforts to flummox the English.

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Eileen Brigid O'Brien was a member of the Irish family O'Brien, whose lands were confiscated and given to the Gold family when they were imprisoned. Eileen broke out of prison, and made it her duty to cause as much damage to the regime that stole their livelihood and the family it was given to. It is unknown how she met Nemo, but the two saw eye to eye, and she had his backing in the form of the submarine Mobilis. She also had financial backing in the Americas from Irish expats.

Seeking to do more than small-time raiding, O'Brien made a deal with France and acquired Celtic Fury. It is not known whether the French captured Celtic Fury and gave it to O'Brien who rechristened it, or if it was commissioned by the French and built by shipwrights in the South China Seas after the rebellion was quashed. The fate of O'Brien and Celtic Fury is unknown.