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Spanish Main (German)
Pirate El Fantasma Some claim that El Fantasma is nothing but a clever captain with a bag of tricks, but they have never seen right though him as he screamed like a banshee while cutting a man in two. That kind of thing makes you believe in the supernatural!
Spanish Main
Pirate El Fantasma Sailing into and out of the mists, El Fantasma uses stealth as his major weapon. None know for sure whether he and his crew are even human - they seem to appear and disappear at will and are almost impossible to hit with cannons.
Crimson Coast
Pirate El Phantasma Does a man seek the shadows or is he forced there by the machinations of others? Some whisper of a horrific betrayal, some of years spent isolated in a French prison, and others of unspeakable torture at the hands of the Moors. Whatever the truth, El Phantasma and his sepulchral crew do not intend to make amends for their crimes.
South China Seas
Cursed El Fantasma El Fantasma has not been seen for years, and his ships have been found destroyed. Yet some sailors say he now captains a ship made from the bones of his victims. They dare only to whisper his name for fear he may hear them and recruit them for his unholy alliance. El Fantasma lives.
Davy Jones' Curse
Cursed El Fantasma Missing for over 10 years, El Fantasma was declared dead. He does not dispute this; instead, he claims to have made a deal with the demons of the sea, whom he plans to pay back in mortal souls.
Ocean's Edge
Cursed El Fantasma After replacing the Wraith as Davy Jones’ second-in-command, El Fantasma has set out to recruit the most bloodthirsty crew from the four corners of the world. He cares not if they are alive or dead—only that they will do his bidding.
Rise of the Fiends
Cursed El Fantasma Completely in command of the Cursed—from the undead and fiends of the sea to humans who crave unholy power—El Fantasma has assembled a devastating following. His search for even more powerful ancient artifacts is his only goal. Those who oppose him are nothing more than food for his minions.

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El Fantasma's origins are unknown, though some claim he was wronged by either France or the Barbary Corsairs. Either way, he got his name from the Spanish, who may have been the first to incur his wrath. He and his crew terrorized the seas during the events of Spanish Main and Crimson Coast before disappearing for a decade, reappearing during the events of Davy Jones' Curse, allied with Davy Jones. He later usurped Wraith as Jones' right hand man, presumably after Wraith's incident with Crimson Angel, and later took the lead of the Cursed after Jones disappeared.

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