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Mysterious Islands
MI portrait
England Hermione Gold When Eileen Brigid O'Brien escaped prison, Hermione Gold took that as a slap to her family's face. With a ship paid for by her family fortune and a crack fighting squad provided by the Crown, she has begun her hunt for O'Brien.
Rise of the Fiends
RotF portrait
England Hermione Gold Conscripted to the English for acts of piracy, Hermione uses her tremendous skills as a captain and helmsman to keep her employers happy in their battle against those who oppose the Crown. But it is her knack for piracy (under the good Union Jack) that keeps the crew very, very happy.
Fire & Steel
F&S portrait
England Hermionie Gold Though still sailing under the English flag, Hermionie Gold continues to chafe each time she receives another order from the Admiralty— particularly when she's sent into battle with the French while gold-laden Spanish galleons slip past her.
Fire & Steel Stories
F&S story
N/A Hermionie Gold The sound of swords clashing outside Admiral Laurie's quarters was not something new for a warship. It was odd, though, to hear it while docked in Manchester harbor.

The door burst open and a woman rushed in. Laurie knew immediately who it was. "Cease this now; leave her," he commanded. He watched as his guards slowly closed the door behind them, never letting their eyes leave the unkempt woman.

"I want out," Hermionie Gold demanded, sword still in hand. "I never signed up for war."

She smelled of the sea, the admiral thought, normally a pleasant smell - but not on her. The stench of sulfur from the gunpowder was overwhelming. Her clothes were singed and blood-spattered. Her hair was cropped short and scorched. Her face was caked with grime.

"You never signed up, period. You were assigned," Laurie continued. "Your crimes against the Crown were extensive. Do I need to list them for you? Ship stealing, piracy, pillaging the Crown's ports, murder, vengeance against noble families, blackmail, threats . . .. In fact, I find it odd they didn't just hang you. But lucky for you, somewhere you have a guardian angel. Unlucky for you, you were assigned to me - and I'll use you as I see fit, until the Crown deems your debt satisfied."

"Or I die trying," Gold spat.

"Exactly my hope, my dear. Now back to your ship before I add mutiny to this ever-growing list and have you hung this very day."

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Hermione Gold was a daughter of a wealthy English family that was given land which formerly belonged to the imprisoned O'Brien family. When Eileen Brigid O'Brien escaped prison, Hermione and her family paid for the HMS Zephyr to bring O'Brien to justice. Somewhere along the way, however, Hermione was convicted for a variety of crimes related to her actions, and rather than being immediately hanged, she was allowed to live, provided she lived as a privateer and indentured servant to the Royal Navy. Whether her crimes were committed before the escape of O'Brien and the purchase of HMS Zephyr or after is unknown.

During a fight with a sea monster on the shore of England, she caught the eye of Trevor van Tyne, who fell for her and fought alongside her starting some time before Rise of the Fiends. It is unknown whether or not she held the same affection for van Tyne.

She remained popular with her crew, but her relationship with English admiralty was increasingly strained. Her fate after her meeting with Admiral Laurie, her presumed final canon appearance, is unknown.