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Davy Jones' Curse
France Jacques, Duc de Valois A deal with Papa Doc has allowed Jacques to glimpse his future as a powerbroker who can control the weak of mind and spirit. All he has to do is deliver Lady Godiva - innocence and purity intact - to the voodoo king.

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Some time prior to Godiva and Jacques's journey across the seas, he met Papa Doc, and saw incredible power attainable through Papa Doc's practice of Louisiana Voodoo. The two then collaborated to stage attacks on L'Eroica, the ship Godiva and Jacques were using to travel across the Atlantic. For some reason, Jacques revealed to Godiva that he was complicit in the attacks, and explained his motive. Though no more than speculation, it is likely that Godiva and the crew of L'Eroica punished Jacques for his role in endangering the ship, as he does not appear in Return to Savage Shores.