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Davy Jones' Curse
France L'Eroica maintains a cabin for the beautiful Mademoiselle Godiva, who has eluded many capture attempts. She continues to sail as if on the notes of the Beethoven's symphony the ship was named for.

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L'Eroica was the ship Godiva used to cross the Atlantic, and later, parts of the Pacific in order to be with her betrothed. She was attacked numerous times by sea creatures and rogue ships, which perplexed the crew. These attacks were likely the doing of Papa Doc and Jacques, who were cooperating to sacrifice Godiva and gain supernatural voodoo strength. Jacques's conscience got the best of him, however, and he informed Godiva of the plot. It is unknown if Godiva continued her journey on this vessel, though it is likely, as none of these characters are indicated to have changed ships during the voyage.

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  • The ship's name is a reference to Beethoven's third symphony, Eroica.