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Davy Jones' Curse
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France Mademoiselle Joephine Godiva With innocence and pure trust, Mademoiselle Godiva boarded L’Eroica because her betrothed had requested her presence in the New World. The attacks she has endured from both ships and monsters have her and the crew both puzzled and cautious.
Return to Savage Shores
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France Mademoiselle Joephine Godiva Unable to bring himself to see Lady Godiva’s fate, the Duc de Valois warned her of Papa Doc’s plans for her. Shocked but now armed with the knowledge, Lady Godiva realizes the path to her beloved is fraught with peril, which she will need to overcome to see him again. 

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Godiva was a French woman who was crossing the Atlantic to be with her fiancé in the Americas, who was probably in either Haiti or Louisiana. Her voyage was put in jeopardy by numerous attacks from ships and sea monsters. These attacks were likely orchestrated by her traveling companion, Jacques, who had cut a deal with voodoo priest Papa Doc, who wished to make her his 100th sacrifice. This would give him the power to "take on" the loa, which are powerful spirits in voodoo. Whether Papa Doc intends to enslave these spirits or destroy them is unclear.

For one reason or another, Jacques's heart softened enough to warn Godiva of his deal with Papa Doc. With the game not continuing after Return to Savage Shores, the ultimate fate of Godiva will remain unknown.