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Davy Jones' Curse
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Cursed Papa Doc Papa Doc discovered that he can possess both the dead and living, and he has set his gaze upon the purity that is Josephine Godiva. For if he makes her his one hundredth soul, he will have the power to take on the loa themselves.
Return to Savage Shores
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Cursed Papa Doc When Duc de Valois failed to deliver Josephine Godiva, Papa Doc turned all his wrath on France. With news of Godiva in the Polynesian triangle, he has begun stopping ships to find her. His luck is doubled by having her so close to the very altar where he plans to sacrifice her. 

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Papa Doc possessed 99 souls, known as the Unblinking 99, who carried out his will. When he and the Duc de Valois combined forces to kidnap and sacrifice Josephine Godiva, he was but a step away from his goal of either enslaving or conquering the voodoo spirits called loa. Jacques, however, let the cat out of the bag, and informed Godiva of their ploy. Godiva reportedly detoured away from the Americas, the probable location of her betrothed, and instead found herself in the southern Pacific, near Hawaii. Papa Doc aggressively searched for Godiva, who was near the Altar of the Loa; the place Papa Doc intended to sacrifice her.

Due to the game's discontinuation, it will remain unknown whether or not Papa Doc succeeded in sacrificing Godiva.

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  • Papa Doc is a voodoo priest. His attire suggests he practices Louisiana Voodoo.