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Davy Jones' Curse
DJC portrait
England Trevor van Tyne It did not surprise anyone that Van Tyne would risk his reputation vanquishing monsters, demons, and beasts in the New World. What surprised many was how long it took him to find a woman to share the glory. But one glance at Mademoiselle Godiva, and it was a done deal.
Rise of the Fiends
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England Trevor van Tyne Rumor has it that Van Tyne’s soul was once owned by El Fantasma. But he fell in love with Hermione Gold when he saw her in battle against a sea beast attacking an English port. That love set him free and now he has joined the English in their fight against the Cursed.

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Trevor van Tyne was likely a bounty hunter who targeted supernatural beings in the Americas after departing England. It is not know for sure that he even reached America before changing his career path, instead opting to hunt the beasts of the sea. The flavor text from his two appearances describe a man who seems to fall for every woman he meets, though it is unknown if van Tyne's love for Godiva and Gold was mutual. His fate after Rise of the Fiends is unknown.

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The combination of character design, name, and role are reminiscent of Gabriel van Helsing of the 2004 film Van Helsing.