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Mysterious Islands
USS Lamon


This submersible was called the Narwhal before an American crew captured her from Nemo and renamed her for the friend and confidant of President Lincoln, who led them and perished in battle.

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USS Lamon was christened Narwhal by Nemo, but through a botched attack on an American ship, she was captured by Montana Mays, who surfaced in San Francisco Bay with the ship and received a hero's welcome. She is the likely origin of the technology used to build USS Mercury. President Lincoln's close friend Ward Hill Lamon, who led the attack on the Narwhal, was killed in the fighting, and the ship was rechristened in his honor.

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  • This ship is named for Ward Hill Lamon, a close friend and self-professed bodyguard of President Lincoln. He died at age 65 in 1893, and never served in the US Navy. Due to the game's story having him attacking a submarine, it presents an alternate timeline in which President Lincoln may not have been assassinated, and potentially puts the events of Mysterious Islands within the 1860-1868 time frame, and no earlier.