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Ocean's Edge
OE Wraith
Cursed Wraith The Wraith was Davy Jones’ most powerful and feared disciple, a death machine who caused crews to scuttle their own ships rather than face him. That was, until Crimson Angel tricked him into kissing her, rendering him powerless. Davy Jones has given him a second—and final—chance.
Savage Shores
SS Wraith
Cursed Wraith Furious at his defeat from Crimson Angel's kiss, the Wraith scours the South Pacific in search of the heart of stone, a relic that will help him overcome the vestiges of his mortality and restore him to his place beside Davy Jones.

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During the events of Crimson Coast, prior to the rise of Davy Jones, Wraith dueled Crimson Angel. After gaining the upper hand, Wraith was unexpectedly kissed by Crimson Angel, which made him lose his immortality, and favor with Davy Jones. He spent the remainder of his existence seeking supernatural powers to restore his status.

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